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Tus Horoscopo Seminal
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Horóscopo semanal

23-09-2019 - 29-09-2019

You may expect a love affair or an ancounter with a complete stranger this week. It will be a 'meeting of the hearts', between two minds with a single thought. Chances are that this will therefore be a turbulent week, with highly emotional peaks. This restlessness keeps you flexible and alert though. You may get a taste of joy and happiness only very few people ever experience.
You'll make good progress at work if you join forces with your colleagues. Personal contact is becoming more and more important in your profession. You are going to start working on this. This is a favourable week for your career.
The best day for your love life is the Saturday. You'll have a fun flirtation this week. It will be so brief, that it will be gone before you are aware of the fact that someone was flirting with you. This takes nothing away from the lovely memory though.